Trustworthy Exchanges to Trade on Using Bitcoin

Whalepool as a community seeks not just to provide platforms for traders to gather and exchange ideas on, but also to educate and welcome new traders to the scene. That's why we have created affiliate relationships with trustworthy sites that offer bitcoin speculation services to allow traders to profit from trading bitcoin price changes.

There are many reputable places where you can reliably trade bitcoin, either on the spot market or futures. Whether you want to trade 1:1 on spot or use up to 100:1 on futures contracts, there's a plentiful assortment of services you can use, onshore and offshore, to speculate on bitcoin price movements.

There's also services where you can deposit your bitcoin and use pure bitcoin to speculate on gold, stocks, currencies, and countless other financial products. If bitcoin price is flat and you're looking to invest and trade using your coin, then look at some options below.


Coinpit is the only trustless bitcoin exchange on the market, allowing users to trade with no login necessary. With accountability, transparency, privacy and security in mind, Coinpit has developed an exchange that has no socialised losses, up to 400x leverage, and incredibly low fees. Trade BTC/USD futures with no annoying premiums or discounts away from spot. No expiration of contracts and you get a special fee discount using WhalePool as the promo code. After the devastating hack of Bitfinex, traders are ever more in demand of being in control of their funds, Coinpit's 2 of 2 multisig with refund tx allows you to minimise exchange risk as much as possible.


This is a CFD site which allows you to use bitcoin to trade cryptocurrency at 5:1, stocks at 15:1, commodities at 15:1 and FX up to 200:1 leverage. You can use 1Broker then to hedge bitcoin by shorting BTC/USD or you can just use it to trade stock and currency markets. It uses bitcoin and you simply deposit and trade. They have been around with a stellar reputation now since 2012.


This is a newer CFD site that has rivaled 1Broker in offering bitcoin traders the opportunity to use their bitcoin to trade world markets. They offer MetaTrader integration which allows you to use the same kind of software that many FX brokers use to implement strategies in all kinds of global instruments. You can deposit bitcoin and trade using only crypto if you choose as an anonymous account.


A futures exchange which does not have socialised losses and offers verifiable blockchain settlement daily. They currently offer 8 different contracts, from short-term speculative weekly contracts to longer term semi-annual hedging products. The perfect exchange for both speculators and hedgers seeking to manage their bitcoin risk. CryptoFacilities has FCA regulation with the UK and unmatched procedures for trading with no profit adjustments whatsoever.


A great betting site which allows you to use bitcoin and fully anonymous account to make bets in sports. If you are concerned about regulations with sites that require bank transfers or PayPal, just use bitcoin to reliably make bets anonymously with NitrogenSports. Get competitive payout odds for all the hottest sports events. Also play poker and other games. It is fun once in a while when the markets are flat to take a chance in a different way, give it a try.


BitMEX lets you trade with up to 100:1 leverage on their XBT24H contracts. You can choose to use lower leverage and trade decent amounts of bitcoin. You can choose to trade their speculative contracts which have a socialised loss system or their hedging contracts which guarantee settlement with no kind of adjustments. They do not have any fiat involvement and you can use their testnet to practice using their platform if you would like. 10% off fees on BitMEX using our link.