What do donations to Whalepool go toward?

  • The primary costs for the community are running our servers. We have one heavily DDoS-protected server that is set up with a Teamspeak reseller that allows us to have maximum flexibility in adjusting the user slots to adapt to massive increases in connected clients. Because Teamspeak is not a fully open source application there are additional licensing costs associated with operating the server above and beyond hosting.
  • In addition to the Teamspeak server, we have a webserver that is completely segregated from it which hosts multiple dynamic web applications that we have developed and adapted for the bitcoin trading community. This leads to hardware and bandwidth needs that exceed a simple budget shared hosting setup.
  • Our main focus is on the community, and as such we use affiliate revenues above and beyond server costs to give back to the community in the form of prizes, events, and cool ideas to incentivize contributions and reward individuals who contribute more than average to the Whalepool family.

95% of whalepool revenue as of November 2017 comes from affiliates on partner exchanges, and then a small share is in donations..

There is NO obligation to support the server financially. We have community members who have multiple skills and resources who have been supporting our efforts in a multitude of nonpecuniary ways: either by simply sharing our server information with friends or using their skills to make content or other assets.

We appreciate each and every one of our users and supporters no matter what your means. As an open community we are dedicated to keeping the server free and open for all users interested in bitcoin trading

Methods to Contribute

Whalepool is supported by donations from the community who appreciate the resources, time, and energy put into providing the multiple services that we give 100% open to the public.

If you want to help, the best way is to be active in the community posting charts and participating in discussions. You can also offer your skills or services to help the community grow.

If you would like to support us financially, here are some ways you can contribute:


Those who contribute to the Teamspeak fund get Financial Contributor badge to show appreciation.